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A first star for Roganic and Rogan & Co, L'Enclume retains its two Michelin stars

On 1 October 2018, my Marylebone restaurant Roganic and Lake District restaurant Roganic & Co, were both awarded their first Michelin star.

It's been brilliant being back in London with Roganic these past ten months, and to be awarded a star in such a short period of time, we couldn’t have asked for more.

I opened Rogan & Co ten years ago now, and for our neighbourhood restaurant to be recognised by Michelin is really exciting for us, and for Cartmel.

Last but not least, L'Enclume - where it all began. My team work so incredibly hard and push the boundaries every single day. Thank you for continuing to make our first Cartmel restaurant such a special place, retaining our two Michelin stars for another year is just brilliant.

The growers and chefs working on Our Farm also play a huge part. I am so proud of what we do here, from working with the local community through to the exceptional calibre of ingredients that are the foundation of so much of our food across all the restaurants.

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