SR Lenclume Wine List Pierre Bruneli 2
SR Lenclume Wine List Pierre Bruneli

Choosing wines at L'Enclume

Pierre Bruneli is Head of Wine and Beverages for L’Enclume and Cartmel operations. Born in Auxerre in Burgundy he moved to Paris unsure as to what he wanted to pursue as a career. A mistake during an interview for a barman role got him the job as a junior Sommelier and the rest is history.

“When I approach wine pairing, I look at the body and structure of the food first and analyse it for its organic property, for example, is it sweet, high in fat content, is it meat or fish… then I figure out what kind of wine is meant for that. I look at the different styles of wine, something quirky like sake or more traditionally classic. Ultimately, the wine has to reflect the diner so that they can identify their preferences and character within the wine.

If I could tell diners one thing, it would be that when at a fine dining restaurant, don’t be afraid to approach the Sommelier. Tell them as much as you can about the wine you like, what food you are going to eat and what you are in the mood for. A good Sommelier will be approachable, friendly and help you find the perfect pairing that will enhance your meal. The wine flight at L’Enclume is a great opportunity to sample a range of diverse grape styles and is a really enjoyable way for guests to learn about the variety of wines that are out there. The tea pairing is also a fantastic non-alcoholic alternative.

My favourite wines are those with a sense of place that is both unique and has a ‘BANG’ on the palate; I don’t like my palate to get tired of a wine. I have recently rediscovered a great wine from the Loire Valley near where I grew up called Clos de L’Elu, it is a Sauvignon Blanc “desirack” from Anjou. We serve it at L’Enclume and it’s a really drinkable wine that is also great paired with a good cheese.”

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