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Introducing Our Farm Veg

At Our Farm, Simon Rogan and our team of chefs select what we grow, when it is harvested and how it is prepared. It sets a benchmark for the calibre of ingredients while ensuring a truly traceable dining experience in all of our restaurants. Our Farm operates seven days a week and grows all year round using biointensive, biodiverse and organic principles.

Across all areas of the business, we aim to produce zero waste by growing ourselves and using up excess ingredients, but sometimes our plants produce more than we can use and store.

John and the team at Our Farm have had an incredibly successful growing season and our crops have provided us with such a wealth of produce that we would love to share with you, our local community. All orders will be available for collection from Our Shop in Cartmel.

Our team of growers harvest the excess produce in the morning before collection, so you can enjoy vegetables that have been picked that day and that would usually be used in our restaurants.

Order Our Farm Produce

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BBQ Hispi Cabbage | May 2024

From £110.00