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Seasonal Updates From Our Farm

Although the growing season is winding down at Our Farm, that doesn’t mean our growers are putting their feet up. They’ve been busy building new beds from reclaimed wood, so that we can grow even better produce next year. We’ve also been taking care of the older beds by adding our compost and giving the pathways some much-needed attention.

We’ve been preparing for the winter months - clearing polytunnels and planting winter crops like chard and beetroot. We’ve repotted our oxalis and baby strawberries from our established strawberry plants.

Liam, Our Farm head chef, and our Home by Simon Rogan team have been working around the clock to ensure that none of our harvests goes to waste. Although most pickles, juices and ferments have gone to our restaurants, you will be able to find a selection in our new online shop, including our preserve and salt sets - perfect stocking fillers or gifts for the festive season.

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Simon Rogan Salt Set

From £18.00