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September Begins in Cartmel

It feels as though we are slowly drifting into Autumn and with the changing season, we wanted to update you on a few very exciting things happening here in Cartmel.

At L'Enclume, we've welcomed our new bespoke cutlery collection - a project that took nearly two years to complete. Read about the special collaboration project below.

Over at Our Farm, seed sowing out in the fields has come to an end. Although, we are still planting seedlings of chard, kale, leeks, spring onions, beetroot and some cabbage. There are also over 25 varieties of micro cress being sown in the tunnels and that will continue throughout the colder months.

Last week we delivered 55 varieties of produce to L'Enclume in one day alone, probably a record. This year's harvests have been impressive, abundant and a great experience enjoyed by the whole team. Now it's up to Our Farm Head Chef Liam and his team to preserve the season so that we can use the amazing produce in all our restaurants all year round. They've recently been fermenting courgettes, resulting in a liquid which is very similar to lemon juice, an ideal substitution.

Make sure you visit our new Home By Simon Rogan Shop as we are adding micro greens and farm-fresh kale to our 'at home' meal boxes. Watch out for more new food products dropping in our online shop very soon.

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