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Simon Rogan Speaks to the Michelin Guide on Sustainability

At this year’s Michelin awards, L’Enclume and Roganic Hong Kong both received a Michelin Green Star, making Simon the only restaurateur in the world to hold two of these coveted awards.

Simon recently spoke to the Michelin Guide about how to live more sustainably every day. Here are a few of his top tips, and you can find the rest in the full article here.

Don’t waste anything

Utilise every part of an ingredient. You can often eat the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, seeds of a plant, not only the fruit. For example, cook broccoli and cauliflower stems or turnip tops, which have just as much flavour as their more renowned parts. Seek out recipe alternatives that use the entirety of an ingredient.

Invest in an induction hob

The rapidly falling carbon intensity of electricity in the UK means that induction hobs are the least energy-hungry hob of choice. They are clean, accurate and very fast, which saves you money too, as the energy is cut as soon as the pan leaves the surface or you press the button to turn it off.

Double up

Cook more than one thing in the oven at once to make the most of the heat – and resist the temptation to keep taking a look. Keep that oven hot and preferably make it a convection oven as they are more efficient than conventional ovens.

Develop green habits

The actions you take every day will help you make big savings whilst helping the planet. Use the right size pan for the right job and use lids where possible to keep heat in and conserve energy. Keep your cooker clean, so it cooks quickly and efficiently.

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