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Summer at Our Farm

The summer started slowly for us here in the Cartmel Valley. The evenings remained cool whilst the days were sunny and windy, leaving our plants without much moisture. As a result, cold season crops like radishes and turnips did well earlier on and featured heavily on the L’Enclume menu. The carrots, peas and beans all had a late start but are now flourishing.

Now that the warmer weather has arrived, we hardly have a spare moment to think. Every pair of hands is crucial to the success of the harvest and the planting for months to come. From head office to our front of house teams, everyone gets stuck in at this time of year.

The wildlife at Our Farm is booming. The fledgling birds have been eating insects around our crops. This symbiotic relationship is vital to us as we don’t use insecticides, so we rely on them and other creatures to remove any pesky bugs. Soon, we hope to have plenty of frogs in our reinstated wildlife pond, helping us with pest control.

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