Vacu Vin Bundle


Save 20% off the retail price with our Vacu Vin bundle.

- Vacu Vin Wine Saver Concerto Set -
Preserves your wine under vacuum and makes it last. Creates a vacuum to slow down the oxidation process to store wine for a longer period of time. Makes a ”click” sound when optimum vacuum is reached. Serve your wine drip-free with the Wine Server Crystal.

- Vacu Vin Snap Thermometer -
The Vacu Vin Snap Thermometer shows the temperature of your bottles of wine in to serve your wine at the right temperature. You can fold the thermometer easily around any bottle of wine. The display on the thermometer will show the current temperature of the bottle in Celsius and Fahrenheit (depending on the purchased version). At the back of the thermometer you will find the advised serving temperature for various wines. The Vacu Vin Snap thermometer’s compact and lightweight design, make it easy to carry, comfortable to use and store. The perfect gadget for wine enthusiasts!

*Bottle of wine not included*


1 x Vacu Vin Snap Thermometer
1 x Vacu Vin WIne Saver Concerto Set


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